Juny 2013. Races with obstacles
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What we dealt with

Summer as usual came suddenly. Prolonged cold led to people’s oblivion-nobody hoped to have hot days again. No wonder that at the first sun blinks everyone tried to leave houses for nature….our clients weren’t exception.

What we thought up

We organized jeep tour for the most courageous, active and fearless clients. We were sure that the project would be the best shake after long winter sleep. Among numerous programs our customer chose that one, which was full of energy, speed and charge of good spirits.

What we got

Our clients could feel themselves as professional jeep drives at specialized Moscow routes. With the help of professional trainers our clients could perfect their skills in car driving: surmount obstacles, conquer steep turn and slopes. Attentiveness and keenness of wit were to the point. They won a victory over nature. Our racers, a little bit tired, dirty and wet, came to finish with a great portion of adrenalin.