Drop in for a cup of coffee:

13 Rusakovskaya Street, 401 office; Business center «Borodino Plaza».

Please, don’t forget to  take your passport or  identification card to receive  pass to office center.

It is easy to find us!

  • From  metro «Sokolniki» go straight  along  Rusakovskaya Street
    towards the center direction.  Cross  Sokolnichesky  sloboda  and Malenkovskaya Street, pass under  Moscow District railway, behind the railway to the right you’ll see Business center «Borodino Plaza».
  • From  metro «Krasnoselskay»  Go left along  Rusakovskaya Street towards
    suburbs direction, pass under the Third transport ring, in 300ě to the left you’ll see Business center «Borodino Plaza».

We are waiting  for you from 10 a.m to 19 p.m

We will answer your call by phone:
+7 495 646 10 95

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