August 2013. Camera! Lets go!
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What we dealt with

Any trip first of all - different impressions, memories and sensations. We always try to keep it in mind when begin to organize project- clients bring a lot of souvenirs, booklets and many other things from the trip, organized by our company.

What we thought up

The project vision was closely connected with our travel memories. We offered program – Let’s shoot a film! . So, we started and went... to Malta! Short flight, convenient conditions - ideal combination of sea, business and entertainment. What could be better for those who worked for the welfare of their company for years? Malta became the most popular shooting area in the world!

What we got

One day cruise round Malta with a shot stop near tiny Komilo island with its emerald lagoon became the starting point of our film. Hollywood statement continued in Calypso cave and on the open-air surroundings. And of course we had to visit movies factory and might be have a chance to see Angelina Jolie and Bradley Pitt, why not? Our film was of the world standards level and on our clients‘ opinion even much higher. The curtain fell … but it was ready to raise again at any time!