April 2013. Istanbul in a different light
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What we dealt with

Not very large project had to be memorable to all the clients in spite of lack of time for its organization. We wanted to offer something unusual out of Moscow.


What we thought up

Turkey for Russian people became like suburbs of Moscow. Today somebody decides to visit it, tomorrow will go there. Unfortunately it will not make the trip at the high level and we wanted to change such situation. Spring is a wonderful season for visiting Istanbul and to see it in a different light. It is not hot; the town is buried in verdure. Fresh air from Bosporus , a great number of fountains help to combine leisure with work activity.

What we got

Wonderful event at magnificent white yacht at Bosporus-work on the way to the Black sea and astonishing event on the way back. The client was pleased with the result, everybody could practice under sounds of the waves and sea-gulls cry. We also were wondered at spring Istanbul and were ready to share new knowledge with other our clients.