February 2013. The real men play hockey
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What we dealt with

The idea of tournament for real men was taken with gusto - young men sport team. Why not to see who stronger, especially if active life style is greeted in client’s company.

What we thought up

We can’t even imagine that the battle will begin at the very beginning .It turned out that hockey places in Moscow are in deficit. Nearly all of them were bought up either by numerous amateurish teams or professional sports societies. Different levels talks continued and the time has been pressed … We decided to invite one of famous professional team for tournament as physical fitness of our client’s team was up to the mark.

What we got

Passions ran high from day to day. The news about forthcoming tournament forced our clients’ team to regular trainings. The declared prize added excitement. In the morning crucial day the air moved from deep emotion above skating rink. It seemed the ice would chap from general effort! To win professionals was difficult and impossible. The main thing-from that day men client’s team train and play friendly hockey matches regularly. The real men play hockey…