Mart 2013. Economic forum
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What we dealt with

Our regular customer, large financial structure, asked us to organize an annual meeting of heads of branches. The task was on one hand- to continue tradition, and on the other hand-- to realize the project at a new level.

What we thought up

We came to conclusion that the association with well-known international project will give pomposity to our event and began to think over different variants of decision. It was rather difficult task to provide high-level conference. We fixed upon St. Petersburg, offered scenario and every minute of event asked our careful analysis and detailed work.

What we got

All details from guests’ meeting, accommodation, conference rooms, dinners, cocktails and evening events– everything was organized at the highest level. The perfect logistics, serious guards, high level of accommodation, tasty food and magnificent evening program made our guests unforgettable staying in the Northern capital. The client gave us one more task– to organize event at the same high level next year.