September 2013. Back to the future
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What we dealt with

We like to work with men – they like children are always unpredictable and at the same time sincere and friendly. They are eager to know something new, but prefer to do it in an easy friendly atmosphere. We wanted to make presentation of a new product with boyish elements.

What we thought up

Why not will it be a car? There were races and test drives many times. May be to think over traveling to the future? Who was the leader in car industry two thousand years ago? Whose names we remember now? It seemed to us modern computer technologies could be mixed with car history production. We were right. It was an excellent blend of the past and the future.

What we got

The unique collection of rare cars was a final point of business meeting. Our clients had possibility to see ancient masterpieces of design and engineering thought. They left place with great desire to make joint action. We are still waiting for new discoveries!