January 2013. Alices Adventures in Wonderland
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What we dealt with

New Year party had passed, everyone felt a little bit tired from party, banquets and presents. It was difficult to start working –everybody was sleepy, slow. It was unusual task - http://clck.yandex.ru/click/dtype=stred/pid=20/cid=71992/path=experiment-2/*http:/slovari.yandex.ru/personnel/en-ru/LingvoScience/personnel needed shaking up.

What we thought up

How pleasant to feel yourself a child, to dive into fairy tale with its magic, humor and belief in miracles. Nearly everybody used to be quite carried away by the book Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. We invited our client’s staff to mysterious world, inhabited by wonderful creatures and full of surprise and secrets.

What we got

Adult serious people like children played croquet with Alice, smoked hookah with Caterpillar, drank tea with Cat , danced quadrille with Mock Turtle and smiled like Cheshire Cats. They say, the efficiency of labor had been increased in many times.

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